Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Pool at Hotel but You Didn't Pack a Bathing Suit

I was away for business last week for two nights. As I checked into the hotel, the receptionist informed me that there was a pool on the 12th floor. WHAT!!! Why did you not tell me this sooner, like before I left home? I hadn't packed a bathing suit, of course, owing to the fact that it was approximately 34 degrees and snowing out. I wasn't about to buy one just for a dip, but had I known it would have been lovely. I guess I should have known to double check the website, as this has actually happened to me before. When will I learn??


  1. Growing up, bathing suits were required packing whenever we stayed in a hotel as a family. Mind you, we didn't do research ahead of time to see if the hotel had a pool; it's just that if we were staying at a hotel, we automatically brought suits, just to be Prepared.

    1. I should probably institute such a policy for myself. I'd much rather have an extra bathing suit than not have one with me at all.