Wednesday, March 27, 2013

When People Park and Leave Half a Spot

(Thanks to Allison for the idea for this post.)

I try not to drive in the city, mostly because no one in Boston knows how to drive, but also because there is usually no place to park. It is therefore so extraordinarily frustrating when you think you find a great parking spot but there is a car parked such that there are two half-spaces surrounding it. Yeah yeah, they could have been parked normally and then the cars around them moved and were replaced by smaller vehicles, so now it looks like they don't know how to park. But in reality, you know that's not what happened. They just decided it wasn't worth letting someone else find a parking spot. Sometimes, I see a person parked between two driveways, and if they just picked one side or the other, two cars could fit, but they chose not to. It's like these people have no idea that other humans exist in the world, and that some of them like to park their cars.

This phenomenon is not just relegated to parallel parking on the street. Sometimes I will see a car straddling the line in a parking lot, stealing two spots, or even three. Are you really in that much of a rush that you can't manage to stick with convention and park between the lines? Or do you really think your 2001 Ford Taurus needs a buffer on both sides to prevent damage? (Hint: It doesn't. It's already a POS.)

The people behind understand my plight. They provide notes you can print out and leave on cars that are not parked appropriately. But if you get caught you may get beat up, which is why I am just complaining to you.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Pool at Hotel but You Didn't Pack a Bathing Suit

I was away for business last week for two nights. As I checked into the hotel, the receptionist informed me that there was a pool on the 12th floor. WHAT!!! Why did you not tell me this sooner, like before I left home? I hadn't packed a bathing suit, of course, owing to the fact that it was approximately 34 degrees and snowing out. I wasn't about to buy one just for a dip, but had I known it would have been lovely. I guess I should have known to double check the website, as this has actually happened to me before. When will I learn??