Sunday, February 3, 2013

Grocery Store on a Sunday Night

The grocery store on a Sunday night is a horrifying place. First of all, most of the produce is gone, so that you are left to choose between one semi-rotted red pepper and one semi-rotted yellow pepper. The cilantro you hoped to buy for a delicious meal later that week? Only scraps of leaves can be located on the bottom of the shelf. Secondly, everything that was on sale is gone. Don't bother to get your hopes up because the cheese you wanted is sold out. Third, the place is a disaster zone, like everyone ran through and uprooted boxes of cereal on their way to the cheese section. You can forget about finding a plastic bag for those bruised apples; those are all missing in action. The floors are dirty, the shelves are disorganized, and shopping carts litter the parking lot. Also, somehow the store is still crowded, even though there is hardly any food left. It's just a bunch of people wandering the aisles hoping they hid the avocados somewhere between the rice pilaf and Uncle Ben's. 

I usually try to food shop Sunday mornings, because it is peaceful, empty and the shelves are full. But sometimes I am out of town, or I have to work early on the weekend (that will probably be another post someday) or I'm trying to get laundry done before everyone else does (another popular Sunday activity). Somehow, I always know the store is going to get me angry, and yet I can't help going back. This is two weekends in a row. Shame on me.

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