Sunday, February 17, 2013

Extra Noises on a Conference Call, Especially Breathing

I don't much like conference calls with a ton of people on them. 4 or 5, sure you can figure it out, but with 20+ people it is chaos or complete silence excepting the person in charge. I know they are a necessary evil but it's like no one knows what to do. One of the worst things is when people don't have their phones muted and you can hear them talking to a friend, walking through a wind tunnel, or breathing into the speaker like it's an oxygen mask. WTF people. Especially the breathing, what is up with that? It is weird and creepy and totally distracting. I was on a call a few weeks ago and I could hardly pay attention. I kept imaging Darth Vader on the call. "Luke... I'm on an important call."

Breathe = (verb) to inhale
Breath = (noun) an inhalation
eg. Remember to breathe by taking a deep breath.

People mess those up a lot and it's dumb. Stop doing that.

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