Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Bags on Seats

I currently have a bad cold, which is terrible, obviously, because who likes being sick? Certainly not me. I worked from home yesterday, since I wasn't doing any experiments and had planned to spend the day working on chapter 1 of my dissertation.  This morning I managed to get myself to work (we're having a holiday party at lunch that I didn't want to miss out on!). I was a bit slow in the morning, as one often is while under the weather, so I took the train after rush hour had already finished. I was looking forward to grabbing a seat and listening to a podcast during the 25-minute ride. There were only 3 seats not occupied by human bottoms, but instead of being able to sit in them, they were being misappropriated by someone's bag. Look, lady. Your backpack is a cheep POS, and doesn't need to be on a seat by itself. I know it's only there instead of on your lap because you want to play a lame-o game on your phone. Why don't you look up from the screen for 2 seconds and notice the red-nosed sniffling girl in front of you and the elderly man to your left and move your giant bag to your lap or the floor where it belongs.
Yeah, yeah, I could have asked one of these individuals to move their stuff so I could sit down, but I'm not a particularly confrontational person, and also was seriously lacking the energy to do so due to the aforementioned cold. I feel like we need booklet listing the expected behaviors for public transit riders. Maybe the 10 commandments of public transportation: 1) Thou shalt never put thy bags on a seat. 2) Thou shalt always move as far into the bus/train/etc. as possible. 3) Thou shalt not roll thy eyes when asked to make room for another passenger. 4) Thou shalt not play music, sing, or be otherwise disruptive to fellow passengers. 5) Thou shalt always have thy pass ready, or else let prepared individuals enter the train or station ahead of thee. 

I'm sure there are others, and even others that I have written about here, but it's almost lunch time. It's a start at least.


  1. 6) Thou shalt always let passengers off the train before you try to shove yourself on.

    1. YES I cannot believe I didn't think of that one! So so true.