Wednesday, November 28, 2012

When People Don't Push in Their Chairs

I was at a seminar today and the room was set up with a bunch of long skinny tables in narrow rows, and chairs behind them for people to sit. After the seminar was over, we all got up to leave. However, my path was impeded by multiple chairs because people just stood up and didn't push in their chairs. Yeah, okay, it wasn't a huge deal for me to move the 4 chairs in so I could get by, but this happens all the time in other places (the library, restaurants, my office conference room [*coughcough* all my office-mates who read this]) and it pisses me off!  Maybe this is just one of those things that drives me bananas but it makes no sense at all, like my hatred for windshield wiper overuse. Except there it doesn't even impact me at all, and here there is a chair physically in my way. I'd like to say that today is just an especially cranky day for me since I have a lot going on at school and in life, but that would be a total lie; the chair non-pushing-in thing annoys me even on the best of days. In summary, be polite, and push in your chairs. Always.


  1. This bothers me too! I think the reason it bothers me (and maybe you?) is I view it as a display of selfishness. The person who doesn't push in their chair is making a judgment that their time and attention is more valuable spent doing something else, while someone else's time and attention should be spent cleaning up their mess. This also applies to people who leave communal tables covered in trash/crumbs after eating, people who spill something on the floor or another surface and walk away pretending it never happened, and people who use the milk in the office cafeteria and leave the empty container on the table after they use it all up rather than bringing it to someone's attention so it can be full for the next person who needs it. Be respectful, people!

    1. That is definitely part of it, although I don't think it is a conscious decision. With the shopping carts (see my September post on that) however I do think that is a conscious decision that their time is more valuable than that of the store workers or the other customers. That pisses me off SO much because everyone has things to do and everyone is busy these days and I don't want to spend MY valuable time moving YOUR shopping cart or your chair. And all the examples you said, too, and I will add when something explodes in the office microwave!! SO NASTY!