Thursday, November 1, 2012

That Not a Single Person in my Office Brought in Leftover Halloween Candy

The day after Halloween is essentially Grown-ups Eat Candy Day. Parents get to eat the "gross" candy their kids don't want (I'm looking at you Almond Joys. I used to give those all to my mom but now I love them) and all grown-ups everywhere wind up with two and a half pounds of extra trick-or-treat candy. Tradition states that if you have extra junk food you don't want in the house, you bring it to work. Duh. However, it seems that no one in my office got that memo this year. I don't believe that no one had any extra candy lying around, and I was very excited to eat some today. Fortunately, some kind souls in my building put out some bowls of candy last night and left them out, and I was smart enough to grab a few Fun Sized Snickers on the way out the door. I'll have to ration them to make them last all day.

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