Monday, September 10, 2012


Let's get one thing straight right off the bat. This post is not about the pre-football game tradition of eating food and drinking beer in the parking lot. If that was your first reaction, then your opinion of me must be very low, because who doesn't love a good tailgate party with friends?

Instead this post is about the other type of tailgating -- when people attempt the world's record for smallest distance between moving cars. Tailgating is dangerous and irritating. Sometimes I wish I had an electronic scrolling sign on the back of my car so I could program it to say things like "Please stop tailgating me." (It would also useful for "Turn off your brights" or "Your left blinker has been on for 4 miles.")

Tailgating always annoys me, but it angers me the most when I am 1) not in the left lane and 2) there is no one in the lane next to me.  If I'm driving at or slightly over the speed limit, and I'm in the right-most lane, and no one is in the middle lane, why the &@%*^! are you riding my bumper?? Use your excessive need for speed, and go around me! The right lane is for the slow folks, and the lanes get progressively faster as you move to the left.  Look, I hate a slow driver in the left lane, just like you do, which is why I'm not driving there! UGH just writing this post is making me angry!

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