Thursday, September 20, 2012

Shopping Cart Chaos

(This post is for Amanda, who desires order in supermarket parking lots as much as I do.)

I hate when people leave their shopping carts in inappropriate locations, which means every place except for in specified shopping cart storage zones.  Here are some of the reasons why people don't follow this simple rule of society and my explanation of why those excuses are BS:
  1. "I'm in a rush."  Oh, and the person who arrives at the store 20 minutes from now and can't park because your shopping cart is blocking a spot, isn't in a rush?  That may be you next time, and let me tell you it is SO frustrating. Please, it takes maybe 20 seconds, if that, to return your shopping carts to where they belong.
  2. "I have children in the car." Lots of people have children, and lots of people still return their shopping carts.  Don't you want to set a good example for them? Teach your children respect for other human beings, and do what is right. Don't be a lazy jerkface and don't raise lazy jerkface children. Put your cart back.
  3. "I put them on a curb so they're not in the way." That's like saying that you throw your trash on the ground but not in a location where people will really see it so it's totally okay. No, it's still littering. I don't understand why you would take extra time to move the cart out of the way, but refuse to bring it back to its rightful location.
  4. "It is someone's job to collect the carts so I'm helping them keep their job."  Do you think that is someone's exclusive job, to collect carts? Doubtful. That person needs to stock shelves, straighten up the aisles, do inventory, etc. They are busy and don't need to trek outside in 20 degree rainy weather to collect your shopping cart because you used some lame excuse to justify your laziness. It's someone's job to give out tickets for running red lights, too.  Maybe you should use your "logic" and start supporting the jobs of police officers.
No matter what excuse you use it boils down to not having enough respect for your fellow people: For those who will have to put the carts in their rightful location, and for the other shoppers. I truly believe respect is one of the most important characteristics to have. Respect for people's property, life, religion, personal space, time.... Whatever it is, remember that the people around you are human beings, just like you, and they have feelings, just like you. So the next time you're at the grocery store, and you're "super busy and in a rush," think about the busy worker collecting your discarded cart, and how they are also busy and how much they hate you at that moment. Then put your cart away properly.

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