Saturday, August 11, 2012

When Other People Go on Vacation and You Don't

Everyone loves a great vacation. They're totally awesome.  But it stinks when that fabulous vacation is being taken my someone else. I mean, let's be honest. When someone tells you they are going somewhere ridiculously cool, you are primarily jealous, and then remind yourself to rub it in the next time you get away. It's so easy nowadays with Facebook, Twitter and other social media, you can post photos while you're vacationing just to make people extra aware about how sad their lives are at that moment.

When someone posts online that they're on their way to some place amazing, you secretly wish that it rains the whole time. Don't deny it. You do. We all do. In the winter I like to check the weather and see if it's going to be uncharacteristically cold at the intended destination. I guess it's kind of mean, and I'm sorry, but I think it's just human nature.

Anyway, sucks to be all of you because I'm off on a cruise to Bermuda with my family! Don't be too mad though; it's going to rain.

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  1. What a coincidence!!! I seem to have gone on a cruise to Bermuda the VERY SAME DAY!!! Wow! wouldn't it be weird if we actually SAW eachother?! Also, although it's not really a vacation, I am going to a baseball game with your sister soon :D don't wish for rain please ;)