Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Billboard Advertising Massachusetts, in Massachusetts

There is a billboard in a suburb-y neighborhood of Boston that has a picture of a sunset over a lake in a forest, and the words "Massachusetts.  A Great Place to Live and Work." I apologize for not taking a picture for you.  Thing is... I do not understand the advertising goals or target demographic of this billboard.

You might think it is targeting tourists, and trying to convince them they should move to Massachusetts. However, this particular sign is not located in an area frequented by tourists. It also seems unlikely that many visitors would be swayed by the bland slogan and generic image. "Honey, I know we really like living in Phoenix, and both of our families are there, and we have great jobs, but just look at that billboard." "Oh Darling, you're right.  That sunset is simply deevine."

It also crossed by mind that maybe it's trying to get people to stay in Massachusetts.  But again, it seems like a poorly chosen location.  Is Brighton known for its high turnover?  Do people take one look at the traffic down Washington St at rush hour and think, "Well that is IT. I'm moving to Vermont!" (this part is true--I say it all the time) and then drive one more block and say, "Oh actually, that sign says it's great to live and work here so on second thought, I'll stay." (That part is not true and seems highly unlikely.)

There are a lot of college students and recent grads in the area, because it's not too expensive in terms of rent.  Is the MA government (or whoever is shelling out the dough for this monstrosity) trying to convince econ major frat boys to stay in town? Anyone at Faneuil Hall on a Saturday night will tell you there are enough of those here already. Can we please instead start an advertising campaign for people who won't start a sing-a-long on the drunk train?

Maybe it is designed to boost MA pride, to remind us all while we're sitting in Red Sox traffic that we're happy here.  Or perhaps to brainwash us?  "You will like living here. You will like working here."

In conclusion, I think it's stupid dumb and should be replaced with a photo of Ryan Lochte. That would definitely improve the traffic delay.

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