Monday, July 23, 2012

People who Want to Move to Canada Because of "ObamaCare"

For Wes. Happy now???

My friend lives in New York City, and overheard two people recently discussing how the US has taken a turn for the worse, chiefly because of "ObamaCare" (aka PPACA or the ACA).  They finally concluded that the only solution is to move to Canada.  Actually, these two gentlemen are not the only ones hoping to move to Canada because the United States is going to guarantee access to healthcare for everyone. There are indeed plenty of great reasons to move to Canada: hockey, low crime rate, Tim Horton's, a fantastically singable national anthem, and more hockey, just to name a few.  However, moving in order to "avoid socialized healthcare" is not one of them because--I'm sorry to break it to you--Canada has that, too.  In fact, Canada has provided its citizens with healthcare since 1966.  If you would like to continue to live in a country without universal access to healthcare might I suggest moving to Haiti or any country in Africa, or perhaps Mexico if you want to stay close to home. Just don't bother moving to any developed nations because the vast majority of them also offer their citizens access to medicine. 

I'm not here to say that PPACA is (or isn't) the answer to all of our healthcare problems, or that the Canadian system is perfect (or not).  However, at least learn the facts before you criticize something, and definitely don't threaten to move to a country that has the issue you're trying to avoid. That's like me talking about how much I hate the winter and snow and then moving to Alaska (or Canada, I suppose). 

(As a side note here are some fantastic tweets in response to people wanting to move north. My two favorites are: "obama passes law replacing american football with hockey, citizens threaten to move to canada." and "Saying you're moving to Canada cause you're upset about Obamacare is like saying you're moving to Hogwarts cause you're upset about magic.")


  1. I tell Tim periodically that we need to move to Canada so I can have a full year off with the baby... :)

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    1. Yes, I did think of you and Matt when I wrote that particular sentence!