Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Office Kitchen

What is it about the office kitchen that makes people behave like 15-year old boys? On a regular basis, people leave dirty dishes in the sink or on the counter, fail to put trash in the garbage, abandon spills on the counter, and leave leftovers in the fridge for weeks on end. I know this is not specific to where I work.  There is something special about the office kitchen that seems to give permission for people to not clean up after themselves.  Is it the "someone else will do it" mentality? Is it the "I do this at home so why should I do it here" thought process?  Or maybe people assume the cleaning staff will wash the dishes at the end of the day.  I understand that once in a while you might put a dish in the sink to soak and then forget about it, or accidentally forget about an apple, but this happens all the time!  It makes me so angry to arrive at work and be unable to fit my lunch in the fridge because there is a 3-week old pizza box that someone is too lazy to toss.  I work in a small office (~10 people) so I can't imagine what it's like at larger places.  If you use the office kitchen, do all your colleagues a favor.  Wash your own dishes, check the fridge at the end of the week to make sure you didn't leave anything there, clean up any messes you make, volunteer every-so-often to scrub the fridge or microwave, and never ever ever steal someone else's food.


  1. our office kitchen is utterly disgusting... and people use a nasty smelly sponge to wipe their stuff which also grosses me out. I think it's extra bad because my workplace is like hoarders so people try to keep things like half a packet of butter, opened cookies, etc.

  2. ummm, your wonderful cousin is not so far away from a 15 year old boy. He's not that bad, is he?? ;)

    1. No, my cousin seems to do well at cleaning. Maybe it's the 22 year old boys who live on their own for the first time and leave dirty dishes everywhere. I seemed to have friends like that. Don't do that!!