Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Large Groups on the Subway

Complaining about this makes me feel mean, but whatever, here goes. I was commuting this morning on the subway at the peak of rush hour (8:15-8:45am here in Boston). The trains are always packed and it's a struggle to get on and off the crowded cars. Trains here are not like those in other cities. The Green Line trains have only 2 (or every once in a while 3) cars so sometimes you physically cannot even get on the train because it is chock full of people.  So this morning when I shoved my way into a tiny space under some guy's stinky armpit I was kinda TO'd to see approximately 30 6th graders packed onto the train practically screaming at each other across the car.  First of all I wanted to yell at them all to be quiet so I could listen to my NPR podcast in peace, but secondly who brings a large group of people, of any age, onto the train at rush hour?!?!?  Get a bus or wait until 9:30 when the trains are much less full and I don't have to be smacked every 11 seconds by a giant L.L. Bean backpack. And please, no loud noises on the morning commute.

In other news yesterday I saw two college kids attempt to bring a couch onto the train (not at rush hour).  That was hilarious and they did not get far.

UPDATE 6/15/12: Large loud (especially drunk) groups on airplanes.  UUUGGGGH.

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