Friday, June 1, 2012

Daytime TV

Sick days are no good when you're really really ill and can barely open your eyes, but sometimes you have a sick day where it's just a bad cold you don't want to spread around the office. Those days it is nice to relax in front of the TV all day eating soup. You start flipping channels and pretty soon you realize, everything on daytime TV is horrible. I mean, wtf. Do TV stations think everyone at home at 1pm on a weekday has an IQ of 63? That in our state of weakened immunity we can't handle much more than two people publicly fighting about whose baby it is? Please for the love of Pete, someone show something worth watching!


  1. yes, for the love of PETE!

  2. I think at 1pm "The Chew" is on ABC and thats pretty funny and includes food... for future reference. :)