Thursday, May 10, 2012

Being Unable to Open a Childproof Bottle

I just got a new bottle of vitamins. They are basically candy with calcium and vitamin D added in which is why these are the first vitamins I have taken with any consistency. But because children would probably be tempted to eat the whole bottle in one sitting (I know I am) the bottle has a childproof lid. Seems fair to me. Except that I can't open it. I just spent 5 unsuccessful minutes trying to open it. My hand hurts from trying to "push down and turn."

A three and a half year old recently told me I wasn't a grown up "because [I'm] not done growing yet" so perhaps this is one of those things I am just not ready for. Also here's hoping the toddler is right and that I have a few more inches left to grow. 5'5" here I come!

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