Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Vent Blowing Directly At My Desk

Even in the dead of winter, the air conditioning seems to be on in my lab. I am not sure why, because I have gone around and turned every air conditioning switch to "off" and raised the thermostats as high as they go. The air isn't just your generic cold air slowly seeping from a vent. Not even close. Here, the vents expel air at gale force for about 10 seconds, and then shut off for 10 seconds. The wind is so strong it actually creates a breeze. I'm not exaggerating. Okay, not exaggerating that much. It is enough that it is unpleasant to sit at my desk no matter the time of year. I have a sweater, a fleece and a sweatshirt in the lab at all times, and I am often found wearing two of them, with the third on my lap as a blanket. I understand we have freezers and other equipment that generate some amount of heat, but is it really necessary to have this much wind blowing through the lab? Trust me, the old windows are leaky enough to let in "fresh" air (I use quotations because here in Boston's Chinatown the air isn't exactly of the best quality. It smells like a combination of roasting chicken and rotting garbage). Adding insult to injury is the fact that because it's a laboratory, we can't eat or drink anything in here, so the hot cup of tea I'd love to have to warm me up, needs to stay out in the office area. Gah. I'd make this post longer but my fingers are going numb.

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