Friday, April 6, 2012

Lines at Redbox

(Dedicated to Tim who loves Mic-Ultra)

The other day I was at the grocery store and needed to return a movie to Redbox, plus pick one up I had reserved at home. There was a line, starting with a couple at the machine searching through every movie, debating what they wanted. Fortunately they turned around at one point and said, "Whoa, there's a big line! Why don't you go ahead if you already know what you want." Finally it was my turn and as I was swiping my credit card to pick up my rental, the couple said, "You can book them online?" Then an older woman (probably in her 60s) who had joined the line said, "Even I know that!"

So for any of you out there that use Redbox, here is a simple guideline for how to use it properly: 1. Before you leave the house go to or download the Redbox app on your smartphone. 2. Look for the closest Redbox to your location. 3. Search for a movie you want from the comfort of your couch. 4. Book said movie(s) with your credit card. 5. Go to actual Redbox, touch the button that says " Pickup" and swipe your credit card. 6. Get movie and leave store in less than 2 minutes, without holding up any line. If you get to the Redbox, and you encounter people searching through every movie, feel free to educate them about the joys of reserving movies at home. Slowly we can spread the word and reduce the lines at Redbox, and thus make the world a better and less hateful place.

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