Friday, March 23, 2012

Windshield Wiper Overuse

I have no idea why this annoys me, but I get mad when someone has their windshield wipers on high and it's barely a drizzle. It seems like such a waste of energy. If cars could talk, I imagine cars in this situation saying things like, "Dude, really? This is exhausting and I know you can see fine because there are only 3 raindrops on my headlights. Look at Frank over there! His wipers are on 'intermittent.' Can't you at least turn it to 'low'???"


  1. Oh yeah, it drives me nuts, too. Also, overuse of the windshield wiper fluid stresses me out.

  2. I AGREE SO MUCH. I don't know where it came from, but it causes me physical pain and I can hardly control myself when I'm riding with an over-wiper. (Don't think about that term too much...sort of like splash back.) I even take joy in trying to find the lowest possible setting, and turn my wipers off at stoplights. I knew I liked you, SP.

    1. I turn them down/off at stoplights, too!! My mom's car actually does that automatically and it is amazzzzzing!