Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hate Something?

Readers of this blog often say to me, "You know what I hate?" and proceed to tell me things that annoy them. most of the times I agree, but sometimes I don't (a rare occurrence). If you hate something, and want to tell the world about it, let me know and you can write a guest post! Just remember, it should be something that people can relate to, and should not be about one specific person. That would just be mean.

Happy hating!


  1. In no particular order (sort of a free association thing):

    1) Picking up dog poop.

    2) College majors (e.g. American Studies or Queer Theory) that could easily be encompassed as concentrations within more traditional fields (e.g. History or Sociology or English).

    3) Fax machines.

    4) Credit card mailings.

    5) Automatic flush toilets that don't work and spray you when you lean forward too far. (You know what I'm talking about, ladies. Don't act all coy.)

    6) Too many twist ties / bread bag plastic things in your drawer, then you throw them all out, then when you need one you can't find it.

    7) Toenails. In general. We don't need them when you think about it.

    8) Reality TV.

  2. We have a fax machine here in the lab, and sometimes we get spam faxes. One was for something called the Physician's Exchange and their website reflected their name, only I read it as Good times.
    As for the automatic toilets, I hate when they flush and you're still on them. It's very unpleasant.