Monday, March 12, 2012

Buying Bananas

I hate buying bananas. I'm not sure how grocery stores buy their bananas, but they seem to only sell two types: totally green, or totally yellow. And they never have both types at once. In an ideal world I would like to buy 2 green bananas (for later in the week), one almost ripe banana (for mid-week) and two ripe bananas (to be enjoyed in the next two days). That is the best. But when you go to the store, it's either a shelf full of green bananas or a shelf full of yellow bananas.

If you buy the green bananas, you can't enjoy your bananas for 4-5 more days. I love to eat a banana before I exercise (not in public though), since they are each to digest and contain lots of good things, but if there are only green bananas, I have to wait. But then, all of a sudden at the end of the week you have like 6 ripe bananas that you have to eat all day long to avoid wasting them, or you have to invite all your friends over for a banana-eating party, or you have to make 4 loaves of banana bread, or freeze the bananas for smoothies, or future use in banana bread. It's a panic-inducing time to say the least.

However, the other situation isn't much better. If you show up to find only yellow bananas, you can't have bananas later in the week, or you have to make a second grocery store run later in the week to buy more bananas, but then you risk showing up and only finding green bananas! It's so stressful! Why are all the bananas the same?? Can't they stagger their shipments or something so there is good banana variety? I hate it!

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  1. my thoughts exactly.. hey you can use all this material for a standup comedy act!