Monday, February 27, 2012

When the Grocery Store Stops Carrying One of Your Favorites

This morning my office had a little brunch during our weekly Monday morning meeting. I planned to make homemade smoothies, because there is always a plethora of fat-laden carbohydrates at these things (read: donuts, croissants, bagels, pastries, etc) and I wanted something slightly healthier. One of my favorite smoothies is peach/banana/mango with fat free plain Greek yogurt. I usually use canned peaches (in pear syrup), bananas that got super ripe and I couldn't eat and thus froze, and frozen mango chunks. By using some frozen fruit I don't have to add ice, and I like that. I went to the grocery store before work in order to get some more mango since my supply was seriously compromised, and apparently the store no longer has frozen mango. Sometimes on Monday mornings the shelves are empty because of the weekend rush, but the frozen fruit was well-stocked with Dole mixed berries and store-brand mixed berries and frozen pineapple, but alas, no mango. I was totally bummed. I found some mango in a can, which turned out to be delicious, but I had to add ice to the smoothie.

A similar incidence happened a few months ago when they stopped selling my favorite brand of vegetarian chicken. I was devastated. I put that stuff in salads, on sandwiches, in pasta, on the side with quinoa and veggies... Not to mention the Cranberry and Goat Cheese-stuffed "chick'n" cutlet. Absolutely amazing. Needless to say I was really sad when they stopped carrying it because it means an additional trip to a different grocery store for my chick'n fix. Today I noticed some of the products have been returned to the freezer section, and they had the audacity to label them as "New Product!" WTF??! It's not new! It's something you carried and bailed on and then brought back! Such liars. Hopefully my veggie hot dogs won't disappear any time soon. They disappeared two years ago (due to the manufacturer) and just came back. I don't know what I'll do if they leave me again! What would I have for breakfast???

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