Thursday, February 23, 2012

Unnecessary Emails

Although I do hate spam emails about Viagra and fake Rolexes, that is not what I am addressing here. I hate unnecessary useless emails that essentially convey no information. For example, an email from a coworker letting us know that she is going to move the microwave from its usual spot because of a lunch meeting. Or emails from school officials telling us that a seminar title has changed. Or emails about other people's vacations that are already posted on a giant calendar on the wall. Or 6 emails in one day about a broken lightswitch. Or emails about our office's DOORBELL. (Not a joke, though I wish it were.)

Before you send an email, think to yourself, "Would omission of the information conveyed in this email significantly alter the recipient's life?" Also important to ask: "Is this information duplicated elsewhere that is easily accessible to the recipient?" Additional criterion: "Will I see the recipient in 5 seconds and ask them the same question, thus negating the necessity of this email?"

With the ease of sending emails from computers and phones, it is easy to quickly send an email that really has no purpose, is redundant, or is not pertinent to all recipients. Remember that we're all busy people and would rather not spend precious seconds every day to delete pointless emails. Please, spare us all.

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