Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Putting on Freshly Washed Jeans

I actually don't hate doing laundry. It's nice having clean clothes, and in the winter I love to put my still-warm-from-the-dryer clothes in a pile on my bed and lay in them. (You might be judging now but come January you will be tempted and you will love it.)

What I do hate, however, is putting on recently laundered jeans. Something about clean denim I find itchy and uncomfortable. It conforms to the body in a way that seems wrong. It's as if a really good friend went out and joined a cult and was now pressuring you to do the same. Okay, maybe it's not that bad, but it does feel like you're wearing someone else's pants. As a freshman in college I remember my roommate and I doing lunges around our room in order to stretch out our clean pants. It does help a little, but nothing can really be done until you re-break them in. The worst is when you just finish making them tolerable, and you spill something on yourself. Now that I really really hate.

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