Wednesday, October 19, 2011

When You Drop Something and it Vanishes

I don't understand how this happens. You drop something and immediately bend down to find it, and it's gone. WTF. I don't even understand how this is possible sometimes. You drop it and *poof* ... gone. It's like there are tiny elves living in my carpet and as soon as something hits the ground they scamper over and haul it back to their lair. [awkward pause] Anyway that's just one hypothesis.

I actually just heard a tip from How To Do Everything and the advice was to drop another of the same object. So if you dropped a nail in the grass (the advice giver was a carpenter) drop another nail to see where it falls. He said that it somehow trains your eyes to "see" the original object. That would have been very helpful last week when I dropped my earring and had to crawl around on my bedroom floor for 4 minutes trying to find it. It's not so helpful if you drop something that you only have one of, though, or if another one is not readily accessible. But maybe this advice will help me not hate dropping and losing things to much.

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