Thursday, October 20, 2011

Excessive Use of Laser Pointer During a Presentation

I was at a seminar earlier today, and while it was a fantastic talk, the speaker's excessive laser pointering (probably not a word, just go with it) was highly distracting. He could have burned a hole through the projector screen with his laser pointer. I began to sympathize with cats who become frustrated when they cannot catch the red dot bouncing around the floor and walls.

This presentation reminded me of a professor for one of my classes that would put approximately 1,000 words on the slide (size 18 font obviously) and then proceed to read the entire slide to us in our huge lecture, all the while following along with his laser pointer. It was so painful. It made me rue the day that PowerPoint was invented. Although maybe he was going for a "sing-along" and none of us joined in. I had not previously considered that possibility. That would have made anatomy lecture much more invigorating:
"Good morning class! Today we're studying cardiovascular embryology. It's to the tune of the 'Star Spangled Banner' so don't be shy about joining in! 'Oooh say can you see, the foramen ovale, when it clooooses at birth, the atrial septum is complete.' Everybody! 'Endocardial cushions, in the atrial canal....' "

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