Thursday, September 8, 2011


I was going to name this post "People Who Leave Garbage on the T" but then I realized all litter annoys me. It's just such a foreign notion to me to simply toss garbage on the floor, be it outside, in a train station or actually on the subway. Who are these heathens who were raised without this basic moral value that is imprinted on the other members of society?? You don't throw garbage on the floor/ground/grass/road/train tracks! It's that simple! There are garbage cans everywhere so just use them. Littering is disrespectful, dirty, and potentially dangerous. It also costs billions of dollars each year when cities have to pay people to pick up other people's crap. I once saw a man toss a can of diet coke out the window of his car. That was two offenses, because not only was he littering, he was also not recycling!

I am also annoyed by people who read the free Metro newspaper and then leave it on the seat next to them thinking, "Maybe someone will want to read it, so I'm really recycling." THAT IS FALSE. No one wants to read your newspaper. In fact, chances are, someone wants to sit there, but doesn't want to pick up your discarded newspaper and so they stand, even if their shoes are causing blisters on their feet. Here's what you do instead. Take your newspaper with you off the train, and either put it in the recycling containers that are in every station, or return it to another Metro stand for someone who actually wants to read the paper.

And don't even get me started on cigarette butts. Watching someone throw a still lit cigarette out of the window or down on the street makes me so angry.

I do have to say one final thing. A lot of people throw apple cores or other food stuffs out of their car windows while driving on the highway with the thought that they are biodegradable and that some hungry animal will eat it. This is just short term littering. Yes, it is worse to toss a plastic bag out of your window (or a soda can) but it is still littering to throw your orange peel or hamburger bun out the window. Plus, it trains animals that food can be found near highways which means they venture onto the roadways more often and get hit by cars more often and roadkill is gross looking, so keep your mushy grapes in the car until you get to a trash can.

We can work together to keep our streets beautiful! Or at least to keep me less angry.

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