Monday, August 22, 2011

Guys Who Play With Change in Their Pockets

I understand that guys like to have small wallets. If I had to sit on my wallet all day, I would want it to be small, too. Because of this size restriction, male wallets do not have a section for coins. As a result, males stash their coins in their pockets. And then they stand on the train, or in the elevator, or at the front of a lecture hall while teaching a class, and fiddle with the change, making a loud, obnoxious noise. So. Irritating. Just donate it to a homeless guy, because then you have done two good deeds: bought someone a coffee and not annoyed me.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Loud Music in Public Places

Last night, two young punks boarded the train with loud rap music blaring from one of their cell phones. It certainly wasn't music I was interested in hearing. In fact, I was just interested in reading my magazine, but I couldn't concentrate. I was much too distracted by all the profanity in the song. I just think it is really disrespectful and rude to assume that everyone else wants to hear your music. We don't! Get some headphones!