Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Slow People in the FastLane

Last night I was driving on the Mass Pike and came up to some tolls. I went into one of the FastLane (aka EZPass) lanes because I have FastLane like any sane person should. However, for some reason, one of the people in front of me insisted on traveling through the toll booth at approximately 3mph. What is the point of having FastLane if you are going to essentially stop at the toll booth? The sign clearly says 15mph, and I know there isn't traffic in front of you since the lanes next to us are breezing through. Part of this is because I really like things that are efficient, and really really don't like things that aren't. Driving slowly through the FastLane is inefficient and causes traffic jams. Don't do it! It's like in NY when they have those orange gates that come down in between every car. You are barely speeding up the process. Let people go through at 10-15mph and you will significantly reduce traffic. Or do like Maine did on 95 and install a high speed toll. Not only is it efficient but it's also really fun to laugh at the people waiting in line to pay cash. Suckers!

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