Monday, April 11, 2011

Gas Station Prices

What the *bleep* is up with gas stations and their prices that all end in 9/10 of a penny??! Did 1/10 of a penny ever exist as a unit of currency? If it did it certainly wasn't any time recently, so why do gas stations insist on having prices like 3.499?? If I buy 11.291 gallons of gas that works out to be $39.507 (side note: wtf gas prices! Get back toward $2.799 where you belong!). Does that mean the gas station charges my credit card 39.51? If so, you owe me $0.003. If someone who commutes by car daily fills up 100 times a year, that is 30 whole cents. And over a 30 year career $9! Okay, it's not actually the money that I am upset about, it's just the fact that the gas stations assume we are so stupid that if one charged $3.499 and one charged $3.50 we would go to the $3.499 to save $0.001. Or what if a gas station started charging $3.498. Would any one be inclined to go to that place for the savings? And what happens if the cost is something like $39.504? The gas station looses money since (I hope) they only charge $39.50. I guess sometimes you get money from them and sometimes you lose, but why can't we just skip all the winning and losing and round gas prices to what they really are? Ugh, the stupidity is maddening!

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