Monday, February 7, 2011

People Who Smash Into Cars and Don't Leave Notes

This entry dedicated to my dear friend, Shemily (name changed to protect identity).

Some people are jerks. And I hate those people. Yesterday, while she should have been enjoying a lovely warm SuperBowl Sunday, my friend Shemily's car was involved in a hit and run accident. Her car was quite damaged, and there was no way for her to tell who the guilty party was. Luckily, an extremely wonderful person witnessed the event and left a note on her windshield stating that he would be willing to serve as a witness that a truck from one Rod's Towing in Putney, VT was the one who inflicted such damage to Shemily's car. Without the witness, Shemily would be out of luck because the driver left no note.
Yes, it sucks if you hit someone else's car, especially if it was something totally unavoidable (like you didn't look behind you while backing up). But that is no excuse to flee the scene! It's also a crime and you can get up to 5 years in jail! So don't be a jerk, pay the consequences for your actions. And for now, Shemily and I are going to make up horrible stories about Rod from Putney, VT and what the heck he was even doing way down in Boston. Dealing drugs? Seeing a mistress? The possibilities are endless...

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  1. Man, that Shemily is so lucky to have you as a friend. Ya hear, Rod? Ya hear? Stop being a jerk!