Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Outdated Links at the Bottom of News Sites

I'm not a huge news reader but I often go to to read Love Letters, a major guilty pleasure of mine. Sometimes an interesting article catches my eye and I'll read up on it. At the bottom is a list of other articles that some computer algorithm thinks you might also enjoy based on your current reading material. However, sometimes these articles are seriously outdated. For example, you might be reading an article about the mayor's budget and at the bottom it says "Snow to Wallop the North East" and you're like "F*$@! Again!?" and so you click the article only to discover it was written 5 weeks ago (although, with the weather we've been having, they could actually just re-post that same article every week). There should be some kind of statute of limitations on recycling old articles. I find the same thing happens with celebrity news. It's very frustrating to think Zac and Vanessa are back together and were seen canoodling but really that happened a month and a half ago.

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