Monday, February 14, 2011

Old Sponges

Old sponges freak me out. I hate their old sponge smell and the way they make your hands smell for 30 minutes after using them. I hate their old sponge appearance, with bits of food stuck in them that you then rub all over the dish you are trying to clean. I hate their old sponge texture, how they start losing little blue bits of themselves all over the place. I especially hate the office sponge, which is particularly nasty since people are relatively careless with the status of the sponge. It grosses me out so much that most of the time I bring home my dirty tupperware from lunch and just wash it at home.


  1. Old sponges are gross. I agree.

  2. You can disinfect sponges by microwaving them for 2-4 minutes on high:
    I've heard this eliminates smell as well.

  3. We just run them through the dishwasher when they get nasty. Solves most of these problems.
    One of my pet peeves is DH leaving the sponges in the wet sink so they get extra nasty super-fast.
    Well, not so much the office sponge...