Monday, January 31, 2011

Unshoveled Sidewalks

Look, I hate how much snow we've been getting as much or more (probably more) than the next person, and I really hate shoveling it. But I still shovel and put down de-icer and all that jazz because it's the right thing to do. So I get really TO'd when I see that someone either hasn't shoveled or has done a seriously crappy job. It's not just an annoyance to me and the other pedestrians, it is preventing people with disabilities from being mobile. It's just plain irritating to me because you can't fit two people across in a partially shoveled sidewalk or you have uneven footing. But for anyone in a wheelchair, or for that matter any parent with a stroller, these sidewalks are completely impassable. In fact, last week a wheelchair-bound woman got stuck on the unshoveled T tracks at a crossing and several other passengers and I had to literally push her to the other side.
An additional problem is that the second it warms up above 32, the snow partially melts and then refreezes at night turning the sidewalk into a giant glacier/ice skating rink. I'm relatively young with decent coordination and balance and if I'm having trouble walking, imagine poor 84-year old ladies with canes trying to get to temple. Actually, one time I did have to help an old lady to temple on a snowy day. I guess a lot of people near me need help when it snows...
So home owners, I know you're sick of the snow, as most Bostonians are at this point (over 60 inches so far this winter with ~16 more expected this week! ARG!), but please for the love of Pete, shovel your sidewalks well with a path at least 42 inches wide according to Boston law. Your neighbors will thank you! (Also if you don't someone can report you to the state and you can get a fine, so just do it!)

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