Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snow in the City

Snow can be kind of cool. It's nice on a mountain, or in a big open field, or lightly falling on trees in the country side. And of course a bit of snow on Christmas is always nice. But snow in the city is terrible. It's one of the reasons I hate winter so much. City snow is terrible for many reasons, including, but not limited to, the following.

1. There is no room to put the snow. In the country and suburbs, people have lawns on which to throw the snow, or you can make some piles by the curb since people aren't really parking on the streets. In the city, however, this is a serious issue. There are no lawns, there are cars parked on every inch of the curb, and there is just no where for the snow to go. Because of this, it is always in the way causing serious inconveniences.

2. It gets dirty really quickly. Snow in the country or suburbs is pretty. It is white and fluffy looking and you can almost hear it calling to you: "Come roll in me and make a snow angel!" In the city this is not the case. The snow practically falls from the sky as brownish slush. It's so disgusting covered in soot and garbage and urine from dogs and homeless men.

3. The snow causes major traffic problems. A few years ago in Boston we got a major snow storm that started after the morning commute. While at work everyone panicked and left work early. And when I say everyone I mean EVERYONE. The traffic was so terrible that people began running out of gas and couldn't move off the highways to get to the gas station. Then all the gas-less abandoned cars piled up causing more traffic. A colleague told me it took her 5 hours to go 12 miles (she is a doctor and was on her way to the hospital). That's just ridiculous.

4. The sidewalks don't get cleared fully, then people walk on the snow and compact it and turn it into slush, then it melts a little and refreezes and turns to ice and then everyone falls. I will admit that sometimes it's funny to watch but not when people actually get hurt. And not when it's you doing the falling. In a suburb you would just avoid the ice and walk in the street but in the city you would get run over by a taxi.

5. People freak out and buy all the milk. I don't know why when a big storm is coming everyone feels the need to buy milk. If the power goes out, your milk is just going to go bad! Shouldn't you buy something more practical, like granola bars or canned tuna or something else that doesn't require electricity to enjoy? And how much milk are you drinking that you can't go without it for the next 24 hours if you happen to run out? I don't get it!

For these reasons and many more, snow within a city totally and unequivocally sucks.

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