Monday, November 22, 2010

When People don't Have Their T Pass Out Despite The 10 Minute Wait

This was pointed out to me by a friend of mine (Thanks, Matt!) and it recently happened to me and so I thought I'd complain about it. Sometimes the T (that's the subway for you non-Boston people) takes a while to arrive. I'm on the C line and so there isn't much to do while you're waiting for the T. You can watch passing traffic. You can grab a copy of the Metro. You can listen to your iPod or read a book or send a text message or play a game on your smart phone. But apparently, what some people cannot do, is get their T pass out from the deepest darkest depths of their purses and backpacks. Seriously, folks. We've been waiting 10 minutes. It was bound to show up sometime (I know sometimes I too have doubts, but however long it may take, the T almost always does actually arrive). Why not use the time you spend waiting for the T to actually prepare to board the T? You don't have to stand there waiving your CharlieCard around in the air, but perhaps move it to a jacket pocket or to the top of your purse for easy access. This way when it is rainy and freezing, we can board the train in the most efficient manner possible, instead of having to wait for your stupid self to find your damn T pass. It just seems like common sense to me but then again some people just don't have any.

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