Saturday, November 13, 2010

People Who Don't Yield to Emergency Vehicles

I go to school right next door to a hospital. In fact, technically, the building I am in is part of the hospital. As you could imagine, I see a lot of ambulances. And, because we are in the middle of a city, there are a lot of cars, bicycles, trucks, pedestrians, motorcycles, etc. constantly around. It bothers me to no end when these people do not move out of the way for an approaching ambulance, police car or fire truck with their lights on. One thing I see over and over is people running to cross a street in front of an ambulance when all of the cars have stopped to let it pass through. I don't know what these people are thinking. If their thoughts include "Hey, if I get hit at least it is by an ambulance" they deserve to get run down. First of all, have you considered just how large an ambulance is? That would hurt beyond all belief. Secondly, ambulances are going quite fast as they speed to a person's aid. And thirdly, the EMTs inside are already helping someone. Do you think they are going to pull over while giving someone CPR in the back, and see if you are okay? No. They are just going to radio in your injury and you will have to lie there on the pavement bleeding and crying about how stupid you are while another ambulance is dispatched for your injured ass. If I had to be hit by a car I'd pick a Smart Car because those things only weigh like 50lbs.

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