Tuesday, July 27, 2010

People Who Wear Their Keys on Their Belts

I saw a girl riding her bike today and she had her keys clipped to her belt with a carabiner. This is a "fashion" statement that I do not understand. Unless you are a janitor or some other profession in which you must carry 1 gajillion keys and access them very quickly, what is the point of it???! Here are four reasons why you should never sport this look. First of all, they make a lot of noise with all their jingling. Secondly, it just looks terrible and weird. Thirdly, it seems so much more simple to just stick them in your bag and forget about them instead of hearing them jingle all day long. And finally, what if you lose your pants during the day?? Not only will you have lost your pants, but also your keys and you will be locked out of your house. While you are sitting pants-less on your front stoop waiting for a locksmith you will think to yourself, "Why did I not put my keys in my bag??" .
Although perhaps I am being insensitive. Maybe you are just trying to send the message that you like the bottom.

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