Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Fake Airline Sales

I like to travel. Flying doesn't bother me, I don't mind taking my shoes off to go through security and I even don't hate airplane food (that is, if you even get any food). So I love when I get an email that says JetBlue or Southwest or whatever airline is having a big sale with flights to Orlando for $89 each way. That is very exciting to me because I am a poor graduate student and cheap flights could make it possible for me to escape Boston winter. After receiving one of these emails I rush to their website to see what dates would work for my fantasy trip to Disney World, only to find that you can't actually find this $89 flight. The cheapest one is actually $159 unless you fly out tomorrow morning and return tomorrow afternoon. This has happened to me so often that I no longer rush to the website with a twinkle in my eye, imagining myself meeting Mickey Mouse and seeing Cinderella's castle for the first time since I was 7. Now I just delete those emails right away in order to save myself the heartache. Besides, even if I did find a flight for $89 I'd probably have to pay that much just to check my bags...

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  1. You must have alot of time on your hands.
    Three posts in three days!