Friday, June 25, 2010

Taxi cabs

OMG I hate taxis. I hate them when I am walking, I hate them when I am driving, I hate them when I am in them, and I especially hate them when I am riding my bike. Here is an example of why I hate taxi cabs when I am riding my bike: THEY ALWAYS TRY TO RUN ME OVER! I'm not kidding.

Picture this scenario: It's 5:15am on a Tuesday morning. It's a beautiful day and I'm riding my bike down Beacon Street in Brookline (two lanes, for those of you who don't know the streets of Boston). I'm cruising along in the right half of the right lane, minding my own business. An SUV approaches from behind me, courteously moves into the empty left lane, and continues on its way. A few minutes later, a taxi drives up behind me. The driver remains in the right lane despite the road being completely empty, does not move over at all, comes within 18 inches of me, and speeds off on his merry way. I mean WTF?!?! The road is literally empty except for the two of us. 18 inches may seem like a decent amount of space at first glance, but hold out your hand to the left at 18 inches (that is 1.5 feet). Now imagine that your hand is a giant car going 35mph, and all that separates you and said car is air and a thin layer of spandex. NOT OKAY! And it's not just one cabbie that has done this to me; it has happened on numerous occasions.

Another scenario: A taxi blocks the bicycle lane so that two cabbies can be parked next to each other and have a little conversation about GPS systems or car air fresheners or whatever it is that cab drivers chat about. For real people?? Park your car, and get out of it. Or go sit in one car. Stop blocking the bike lane! It's a bike lane, not a "chatty cabbie" lane. This is additionally offensive to me because they are double parked. I have already established just how much I hate that.

Yet another scenario: I was doing hill repeats on Summit Avenue in Brookline earlier this week. If you have never been up Summit, it is a huge monster of a hill with a 14% grade on most of it (my dad measured it, so I know that for a fact). Basically, it's steep and it's really hard to ride a bicycle up once, let alone 8 times. So here I am riding up and down this hill. A cab driver pulls over on the side to pick up someone who looked like she was going to the airport. Okay, that is fine, you are just doing your job. The passenger runs back inside because she must have forgotten something or had to pee, and I pass by 4 times or so while the cab waits. Then on time number 6 up the hill, another cab driver speeds up the hill past me and my sweaty red face, immediately cuts in front me of me and stops next to original cab to have a chat. I am forced to quickly turn to avoid him (it is very very difficult to stop and start on a steep hill). I was Angry with a capital A.

A final scenario: Cab cuts in front of me without a signal and makes a quick right turn. That has happened to me numerous times and luckily I have not gotten right hooked. But the point is, I could have. Right hooks can be deadly. It pisses me off to no end that incidents like this happen to me ALL THE TIME, and a good portion of the time it is a taxi. It makes me want scream "I hate everything in the entire world!!!"

Anyway, that's why I hate all f-ing cabs.

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