Monday, May 24, 2010

When People Stand Too Close to You While Waiting In Line

Schoolwork has been keeping me too busy to write about all the things I hate, but yesterday I decided I hated that so here I am. Plus, yesterday I really hated something enough for me to put homework down for a few minutes.

I was waiting at CVS to pick up a prescription. There is a little counter and when it's your turn you approach the counter, talk to the pharmacist, get your meds and go on your merry way. I didn't have any particular questions about the medication I was picking up, but sometimes people do. Like the time I thought I had Lyme Disease and my doctor put me on doxycycline just in case. I had a whole bunch of questions because I was told not to eat dairy but then the pill bottle said not to eat anything. (As a side note, if you ever have to go on Doxy, don't take it on a totally empty stomach. Eat a few crackers. It is quite rough on the stomach and booting at school is pretty lame.) Anyway, long story short, I had to ask the pharmacist some questions. Doxycycline isn't really a medication that people would be embarrassed about, but sometimes people have to go on somewhat embarrassing medications. Eg. Viagra, Plan B, Prozac, Flomax... or maybe a person had a question about an over the counter medication such as yeast infection treatment or hemorrhoid cream. For this reason while at a pharmacy and waiting in line for your turn it is courteous to stand back several feet while the person ahead of you is speaking with the pharmacist. So why did the man yesterday insist on not only declining to give me enough room for privacy but stand so close to me that he was almost touching me?? The same thing happened at Trader Joe's later that day. Maybe it was the same jerk, I don't know, I didn't see his face. At TJs there isn't exactly the same issue of privacy, but seriously, you do not need to be standing in my shadow. The line will not go any faster if you step on the back of my shoe or hit me in the back repeatedly with your basket full of nuts and dried fruit. I'm not saying you should stand 4 feet back, but please, give me at least a foot! Sometimes I will back up suddenly and try to step on the person's toes just to let them know their behavior is inappropriate.

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