Friday, April 9, 2010

When Someone Sends You a Text Message and You Call Them Immediately Back and They Don't Answer

This issue was brought to my attention by Scott (thanks! :) ;) :0 :-D .... I know you heart those).

So this is about when someone sends you a text message and you immediately call them back and they don't answer. I just do not understand it. Where could you possibly have gone in the 27 seconds that passed since you sent me this text message? Did you suddenly think, "I know I just sent a text message with a question in it but I'm going to shut my phone off"? Did you decide not to have a cell phone and chuck it out of the window or something? Or maybe you just think phone calls are an unacceptable and outdated form of communication and chose to ignore my call. I just don't understand what could have possibly happened between your text and my phone call. If you send a text that merits a response (which I would dare to say is most of them) shouldn't you be prepared to receive a response in the near future and thus keep your phone somewhat close to you?? Maybe someone please explain this to me. I hate it and if you do it to me I will probably hate you, too.


  1. At the risk of incurring your wrath...sometimes it is necessary to send a text message because you need to be discreet because perhaps you are in class or a meeting or on the train. Thus, when the person calls you back, you can't answer. Or maybe you are on the subway, and you write the text as a draft and send it in the 15 seconds for which you are stopped in the one station that has service, but then you lose service immediately after. Or maybe people just do it to you to annoy you.

  2. STOP HATIN ON ME. What kind of sister are you???
    It is true though. But if you ask a question and the answer is going to be more than a yes or no, you have to somewhat think that the recipient could potentially call you. I do that subway thing a lot, though. My deepest apologies if I have caught someone that way. That would make me a hypocrite and I hate hypocrites.