Monday, April 26, 2010

When Professors Assign Work at the Last Minute

I got an email last night at midnight from a professor who wants the class to read a paper for discussion in his lecture. Which is tomorrow early afternoon. Seriously? You have to give more than 36 hours heads up for assignments. What if I had a big experiment today (which I almost did), or a 30 page paper due tomorrow (which I actually do)? You can't just assume that us graduate students are sitting around waiting for work to be assigned to us. I know it only takes max an hour to thoroughly read a paper of this length, but you have to give us a little more notice. Plus it also makes you look irresponsible and makes me respect you less. So plan your lectures slightly further in advance than 36 hours, and I won't have to put you on my blog again.

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  1. Agreed, but just wait until you're in the hospital for 15 hours, and then are expected not only to read, but to present on a topic given to you the previous evening. On a topic, by the way, which everyone in the room is a bigger expert on than you are.