Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hard Butter at Restaurants

Imagine you are at a restaurant, and you are really hungry and your waiter places a basket full of delicious bread right in front of you. He puts down a small plate of butter and you take a soft fluffy piece of bread and a pat of butter. You open the butter only to discover it's practically frozen and totally unusable. Now the dilemma: do you wait for the butter to soften a little by holding it in your hands, all the while salivating over the delicious bread, or just put little chunks of the butter on your bread and resign that it won't live up to your high expectations? I'm sure this is a somewhat complex problem to overcome in the restaurant business, because it seems like only high-end places can get the butter at an appropriate temperature. It probably takes a complicated procedure of removing the butter from the fridge so that it is soft but not melted when it is served. You probably can't leave it out all the time because the heat of the kitchen might cause it to liquefy. No, taking it out of the fridge at the beginning of the evening and placing it back in the fridge at the end of the day is probably too much to ask. Or perhaps you like watching people spread hard butter on soft bread and tearing holes in the tasty bread. Either way I hate it.

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