Wednesday, March 24, 2010

"This Car Climbed Mount Washington" Bumper Stickers

Maybe someone can explain the point of these bumper stickers to me. I just don't see what is so impressive and special about your car driving on a paved road, even if that road is up the tallest, baddest mountain in New England.

This website tries to suggest that the claim on the bumper stickers is "not an idle boast" by discussing the extreme weather found year-round at the top of Ol' Mount Washy, but I beg to differ. The people hiking up have to experience the exact same weather without the benefit of a car to keep them warm, dry, and out of the wind. Plus there is the whole climbing up a mountain thing to contend with in addition to the weather. If there was a bumper sticker reading "The driver of this car hiked up Mount Washington" (this one is pretty close) I would be totally okay with the display of public boasting. But there is no way I am impressed that your car drove on a paved road up a mountain. I'd be impressed if your car drove up Everest though, since that sucker ain't paved.

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