Wednesday, February 10, 2010

People who Stand Right in Front of Elevator Doors

This is the hate that started it all.

I work on the 9th floor of my building, so I use the elevator on a daily basis. I use it to go up and down and I often use the elevator several times in a day if I need to go to a different building to go to class or to pick up some lunch or go to the library or whatever. I think there are a lot of people out there who are just like me, who use elevators on a somewhat regular basis. So it never fails to astound me that some people don't know how to use elevators.

I continually see people waiting for the elevator and then once the little bell rings to signal the car has arrived, the person walks up to the doors and stands directly in front of them. This effectively prevents anyone on the elevator from getting out because the doorway is blocked. Then, when you try to exit, the person blocking the doorway rolls their eyes and steps to the side and then both of you are annoyed. This whole interaction could have been avoided, however, if people just did not stand directly in front of the elevator. It doesn't take any extra time to stand 3 feet to the left of the doorway. Trust me. Plus, these people are forgetting that they will be in the opposite role in 30 seconds!

So, people, please do not block the doorway to the elevators. It's annoying, irritating, stupid and it makes me hate you.


  1. Might I add: people who hold elevator doors open when the elevator already has people in it. I know they think they're being nice to the stragglers, but they are being complete assholes to everyone else in the elevator. This invariably happens to me when I'm already late for something. And you sometimes end up with a whole chain of people doing it over and over until it seems like the damn thing will never be allowed to move.

  2. The elevators here at Adobe have buttons that you can select and unslect!!!!!!!!!!!!