Sunday, February 21, 2010

Field and Stream Magazine

Somehow I got on the email list for Field and Stream magazine. Their website advertises that the magazine is about "Hunting, Fishing, Survival, Guns and Gear." Not only do I not hunt or fish, but I don't even eat anything that is hunted or fished. I'm really not their target demographic. I asked to be removed from the mailing list but I have continued to receive emails from them about once a month. It's not particularly irritating, especially since they are relatively infrequent and Gmail now puts them in my spam, but it just seems like an intrusion and I shouldn't have to opt out multiple times. So now I hate Field and Stream (as if I was such a fan before).

Jessie (the research assistant in my lab) said that potentially someone signed me up as a joke and then forgot they signed me up and forgot to laugh about it, so if anyone ever reads this and it was you, please tell me. I promise not to write a hate entry about you.

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