Friday, February 26, 2010

All the People in my Building Who Shower at the Same Time as Me

My apartment building was constructed in the 1960s. Just ask my seafoam green bathroom. I'm pretty sure the boiler is the original one, so whenever too many people shower at the same time, the hot water becomes rather sparse. So, to all the people in my building who shower a little after 7am, I hate you. I am tired and not happy to be awake. I have to go to lab where my experiment is likely to fail. I have already tripped over one of my slippers, I have no clean clothes, and I just remembered I forgot to finish the reading for my 9am class. All I want to do is get into a warm shower and wake up to the delicious scent of my shampoo. But no. All of you have decided to shower at the same moment, so even though I have the water turned to a setting that is normally scalding, the water is still tepid at best. So thanks for making the start to my day worse than it already is. I don't know who you are, so I can't give you dirty looks when we're checking our mail or at the next condo association meeting, but you can bet I am wishing very nasty things to happen to you while I take my lukewarm shower.

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